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The Ree & Jun Kaneko Foundation and Jun Kaneko Studio, L.L.C. are the licensors for all site content over which they retain copyright and for images of Jun Kaneko’s works. Reproduction of this content outside the bounds of fair use is prohibited without express written permission. Please contact The Ree & Jun Kaneko Foundation to request permission. The licensor will provide a written license agreement defining the terms of any approved request, which may include but is not limited to the following stipulations for reproducing licensed content:

  • Image(s) must be reproduced in its entirety without cropping, bleeding, distortion, or any other alteration. Nothing may be superimposed on the image(s).
  • Detail images must be labeled as such in the credit line, and a reproduction of the artwork in its entirety must also appear within the same publication.
  • Labeling, credit line, and color proofs of works for which an image is provided by the licensor must be submitted to the licensor for color correction and final approval prior to publication.
  • The licensor may require a limited number of copies of the publication in exchange for permission to reproduce.


Jun Kaneko and his studio have had the honor of working with many talented photographers and videographers over the years. Special thanks to the following individuals whose images and videos are featured prominently in documentation of Kaneko’s life and work: